About Stormy

backgroundWe all want to have a meaningful life, to contribute, to grow and learn, and to experience the world around us.  But sometimes we need a little help.  I have been helping people – both young and young at heart – become their best selves for almost 20 years.  I do this:

As a writer: I write articles, short stories, as well as blog at Maoomba and The Real Food Chronicles.  Currently I am working on two major projects: a young adult novel and a book called Wonderfueled, based on a course I teach by the same name.

As an educator:  I develop experiential learning programs and craft personalized experiences that can help you explore your potential within the worlds of creativity, relationship, food, wonder, and more.

As a facilitator: I facilitate women’s leaderships retreats and leadership academies, emcee at conferences, and facilitate workshops – primarily through my work at Five Degrees Consulting.  I also work with participants to bring out their best selves, speakers to elicit their best content, and audience members to engage in stimulating discussion.  I particularly enjoy working with groups focused on: leadership, wonder, creativity, food culture, education, social impact, sustainable business, and clean energy.

As a speaker: I often talk to groups – large and small – about cultivating wonder, learning from experience, entre- and intrapreneurship, collaboration (in business, writing and life), and the risks and rewards of challenging ourselves to explore possibility and potential. If you are interested in working with me, inviting me to speak, or if you have an interesting project up your sleeve that you would like to discuss, please contact me here.

The Official Bio

Stormy Sweitzer brings nearly 20 years of hands-on project and program leadership, training and educational program development, and consulting with executive and operational teams to her work. An idea-to-impact oriented person, Stormy walks the line between creative idealist, strategic thinker, and pragmatic implementer, allowing her to understand and connect with both big-idea entrepreneurs and individuals across the organizational spectrum.

Stormy’s experience includes working with national and international health care, not-for-profit, academic and government organizations. Recognized as a builder of new programs and organizations, she specializes in translating strategic intent into operational frameworks and developing the talent and orchestrating the systems and resources needed to make ideas happen.  She particularly enjoys working with individuals to help them realize their leadership potential.

Entrepreneurial by nature, Stormy also works with entrepreneurs from a cross-section of industries and geographies and as an entrepreneur in her own right. Her diverse interests have enabled her to start businesses in the technology, education, and food sectors.

Her background in public health, business operations, and non-profit organizational development, as well as her entrepreneurial and social impact tendencies give her a unique perspective on the world and the role that organizations can play in helping individuals achieve their full potential. Stormy holds a BS in Economics, a BA in Russian Language and Literature, and Masters degrees in Public Health and Business Administration.

Stormy lives with her husband in Salt Lake City, Utah, and loves running, hiking, learning, and eating and writing about good food. Having inherited the travel bug from her grandmother, Stormy has lived for extended periods in Russia, Venezuela, Finland and the Republic of Moldova, and traveled to over 35 other countries.