Event Content Strategy Development Consulting

Many people spend more time in planning the wedding than they do in planning the marriage. ~ Zig Ziglar

Other live events are often planned in the same way. Without thought to what comes next or how the relationship (with our clients, colleagues, or community) will be enriched and sustained by the event, and with blind faith that both parties will support or interact with one another in as easy a way as they once did.

As not all weddings lead to happy marriages, not all events lead to the type of connection with and experience we hope to create for those we serve through our work.

But, with a little planning and strategy, events can lead to something truly rewarding and meaningful for everyone involved.

This is where I come in.

Over the last 2cu_120411_1145260 years, I have been responsible for developing workshops, retreats, training programs, experiential learning opportunities, local and international tours, and classes for different audiences and age ranges. I have also emceed events, moderated panels, facilitated retreats, taught workshops, and spoken publicly at conferences of all varieties.

In other words, I have worked both behind the scenes to develop content and content strategy, and on the stage (or in intimate settings) to deliver that content and bring participants to awareness, understanding, new insights, and readiness to act on what they’ve learned.

In the process, I, myself, have learned a thing or two about designing an energetic and enjoyable experience for participants, developing a content strategy that takes participants on a meaningful journey, and helping guest speakers and facilitators prepare to deliver their best.

While I cannot make you a better speaker, plan your event, or create your agenda (though I know people who can), I can help you explore and design a content strategy for your event – whether a workshop, private retreat, conference, or other experiential learning experience – that:

  • encourages engagement and real learning,
  • flows logically and at a pace that enhances learning,
  • supports your personal and professional goals for the event,
  • has the greatest likelihood of helping your event participants get what they expect out of their time with you,
  • and which encourages deeper connection to you and the work that you do.

Need help? Here are ways that we can work together to plan the content strategy for your first and/or best event yet.

The Moment of Truth

Live events are a great way to expand your business impact, build on your consulting, writing, or coaching offerings, and interact with clients and community in a highly personal setting. They can also be costly, time-consuming, and fraught with challenges.

Before you dive in, explore your moment of truth. In this rapid-fire session, we will uncover:

  • Your personal and professional reasons for offering an event
  • How (and whether) an event supports these goals, as well as your other business services and objectives
  • What format of event might be most appropriate
  • What resources you have to run a live event and how best to proactively mitigate potential risks before you are in the thick of things

Session Time: 30 Minutes

Cost: $75

Your Event Promise

Successful events fulfill a promise. A promise that sits at the heart of the event’s name, format, agenda, tone, and even the details.

Beyond a specific outcome, the promise also helps attendees know what type of experience they can expect from you: Adventure. Love. Courage. Knowledge. Capability. Confidence. A sense of purpose. Community.

In this session, we will explore:

  • Your event’s promise
  • How to weave this promise into marketing messages
  • Why and how this promise will make planning your event easier
  • Ways to incorporate this promise into your event agenda, activities, and interactions

Session Time: 60 Minutes

Cost: $200

Mapping the Journey

People attend events to be inspired, educated, prepared, and encouraged to take steps in their lives towards what they really want – to live out their dream, become an expert, create a business, have more-fulfilling relationships, etc. In this regard, your event is one leg in their personal journey. By mapping your attendee’s journey, you set the stage for an event content strategy that has the greatest likelihood of preparing them for what they really want…and, in the process, become a hero, not a peddler of empty promises.

In our Mapping the Journey session, I will work with you to map out a plan for how to take participants from where they are today to where they need to be, given your event’s focus, at the conclusion of your event (whether to an outcome, a new attitude or awareness, or to the threshold of brave action).

Specifically, we will map out a high-level framework for your event that you can use to inform your event planning. The map will include your event’s:

  • Starting Point
  • Destination
  • Milestones and Course Corrections
  • Possible Roadblocks
  • Navigational Tools
  • Where Attendees Go Next

Session Time: 2.5 hours (Plus one of your time working independently)

Cost: $500

Preparing the Talent

In creating an event, you may or may not take center stage. You may have guests and panelists and facilitators who bring to the table skills and content knowledge that you don’t possess – things that you know will make all the difference to your attendees.

But how do you make sure everyone is on the same page?

In Preparing the Talent, I will help you outline:

  • Clear and Specific Speaker’s Guidelines
  • Branding Requirements for Event Materials
  • Support Team Roles & Responsibilities (so they know how to support your guests)
  • Content for a Pre-event Briefing for Speakers and Panelists
  • How to work with outside emcees, moderators, and facilitators to help them grasp your vision

Session Time: 90 Minutes

Cost: $250

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Kind Words from Organizers and Attendees:

Can we cultivate curiosity and wonder while we are consuming? How do we make sense of what we have just experienced? And when we start to think about what we’ve sensed, if it does leave us with a sense of wonder, can it help connect us to food AND drive consumer awareness? Through her talk and visualization exercise, these are the questions Stormy used to urge a look into our past in order to help guide the way in which we might want to think about the food we eat in the future. I know that in my own lifetime of tasting I have become both more experimental, but also more cautious and discerning about what it is that I eat. It was great to be reminded of that through Stormy’s talk on curiosity, consumption, and wonder.”  — Don Genova | author of Food Artisans of Vancouver Island & the Gulf Islands

Lisa byrneStormy has an incredible and unique way of leading with both her heart and head. When she spoke to my community of mothers they were inspired and encouraged to dive deeper into their own journey of health. Stormy’s warm, authentic and non-judgmental voice is a gift to those wanting to empower their own health through listening to the messages of their own body.”  — Lisa Grace Byrne | WellGrounded Life


Want to know more about my teaching, speaking, and facilitation?

Sample Teaching, Speaking, and Facilitation

  • Currently a Women’s Leadership Development consultant and facilitator. I lead intense retreats, leadership academies, and experiential learning programs.
  • Professional trainer, facilitator and content developer since 1996.
  • Ethnic Market Food Tour Guide (travel the world without leaving the city), Lifelong Learning, University of Utah, 20012-present
  • First-Timers Live Event Strategy Workshop, Participant Offering, World Domination Summit, 2014
  • Cultivating Wonder One Bite at a Time, Foodworx’ The Future of Food Conference, 2014
  • Paleo/Gluten-free Cooking Instructor & Collaborator, ChefHangout on Google+, 2012-2013
  • Energize Summit Commercialization Track Emcee, Energy Commercialization Center, 2013
  • Intrapreneurship: Making Stuff Happen at Work, P3 Utah, Pre-conference In-depth Session, 2013
  • A Conversation about Stewardship and Organizational Identity, CAPSA Board Retreat, 2013
  • Intrapreneurship: Creating Change From Within, Community Workshop, 2012
  • Turning Ideas Into Action, Salt Lake Community College Student Leadership Conference, 2011
  • Business Model Generation for Enterprising Nonprofits, Utah Social Enterprise Collaborative, 2011
  • Social Enterprise: Mission-driven Business Strategy, Utah Nonprofits Association, 2011
  • Inspiration, Action, Foundation Track Facilitator, Net Impact Utah Inaugural Conference, 2011
  • Business Planning Fundamentals, SCORE, 2007
  • Planning Committee Member & Break-out Session Facilitator, NAWBO SLC Annual Conference, 2006 & 2007
  • Meeting your audience where they are, Marketing Class, Salt Lake Community College, 2007
  • Root Cause Analysis Training Program developer, offered nationally 2002-2005
  • Human Factors, Quality, and Patient Safety clinical workshop, offered nationally 2002-2005.